Material Handling Solutions

Wire Rope Hoist

With the inclusion of wide-ranging standard features, the Endeavour Wire Rope Hoist provide high efficiency for the enhancement of a crane’s application. This product is capable of offer high solutions and is compliant to IS 3938 to suit Class II, III & IV applications.

Goods Lift

Goods Lift are designed by us according to the client’s requirements. We produce multiple types of cage lifts focusing on the size and capacity, need of a collapsible gate, etc. as requested by the client. Goods lift is guided in steel guide member (T-section) with a hoist. For performing lowering actions, we have electric wire rope hoist in place wherein interlocked push buttons help in the operation of the machine. As far as safety is concerned, this machine comes with limit switches for safer operation.

Single Girder Crane

Single Girder overhead traveling cranes are manufactured in compliance with IS 807 and IS 3177 for its applications in different class and duty. The hoist machinery is designed in compliance with IS 3938. This is manufactured with a cost-effective design which provides a high-quality machinery for various applications by the clients. The capacity of this device ranges from 1 ton to 15 tones.

Double Girder Crane

If the load is heavier, the preference would be a double girder cranes as they are manufactured for bearing higher loads. These overhead travelling cranes have a lifting capacity ranging from 3 ton to 125 tones for all classes

JIB Crane

JIB arm given the advantage of accommodating a trolley with chain pully block which makes manual travel possible. This can also be utilized for electric wire rope hoist for power operation where the capacity ranges between 250 kgs to 10 tones.


What sets a gantry apart from the regular overhead cranes is its ability to move. A gantry is a mobile crane which is supported by two or more legs which can move on fixed rails or any other runway. Gantry cranes have a hoist in the trolley which works horizontally along the gantry rails. The hoist is fitted above a beam spanning between the legs of the crane which are equipped with wheels which makes it possible for the entire crane to move on the gantry rails.

These outdoor application cranes are manufactured in all sizes to enable the movement of extremely heavy loads such as shipyards or industrial installation machineries. The capacity ranges from 1 ton to 100 tones which suits all classes.