Weighing Solutions

Weighing Scales

We have developed a key specialty in weighing equipment for all retail and industrial usage. With a wide range of solutions for any industrial vertical; retail scales, POS Weighing scales, Receipt printing scales, Analytical balances, High precision weighing scales, Industrial Platform scales, and more. We also provide specialized weighing solutions, such as Tank and Hopper Weighment solutions


Industries and Manufacturing plants of all sizes utilize weighbridges in day-to-day operations. This means that highest amount of accuracy is required, otherwise the business can face a lot of problems in their operations. There are a wide variety of weighbridges we provide, depending on the usage;

  • Pit-type weighbridges
  • Pit-less type weighbridges
  • Mobile weighbridges
  • Portable Axle Weigh Pads

Calibration Services

We provide calibration services in accordance to the requirements of various industries like Petrochemical, Manufacturing, Food & Beverages, Marine, Hotel, Medical/Pharmaceutical, Logistics & Warehousing, Aviation, Construction, Oil & Gas, etc. Through the expertise of the engineers and the experience gained throughout the years, we not only provide high-quality calibration services, but also after sales assistance like repairing services to our clients. Apart from ensuring a timely delivery of authentic and accurate instruments, this allows us to make sure the operation of the instruments is safe as per the processes performed. What makes us a market leader today is our ability to assist our clients with increasing their production efficiency whilst keeping all safety factors in mind.

AMC and Servicing

Our engineers achieve perfection in handling service requirements. With the addition of experience, we’ve been effortlessly handling Installation and Commissioning, Repairs, Rectifications and upgradation of various weighing equipment like Weigh bridges, Platform Scales, Laboratory an Analytical systems like precision balances, Moisture Analyzer, Retails solutions, Customization etc. The after-sales and AMC services is what separates us from our competitors.