Modular Weigh Bridges (Pit/Pitless type)

  • One of the most durable weighing modules
  • Adaption of U-Shape construction
  • Easy installation process with low maintenance
  • Selection of PIT TYPE & PIT LESS TYPE
  • Selection of Check plate & Plain Plate

Portable Axle Weigh Pad

  • Works for both static as well as in-motion weighing
  • Wired and wireless – both options available
  • Comes with 2 channels systems by default but 4/6/8 channel systems are available too
  • RS-232 with USB 2.0 by default (On wireless edition USB 2.0 & wireless as default). Bluetooth & USB 3.0 are optional
  • Comes with a 7” screen by default

Mobile Weigh Bridge

Minimum Increment Size (Accuracy): 10kg readability.

  • Specially designed: All steel modular construction.
  • Comprises of selected high-quality steel prefabricated modules bolted together to form complete platform.
  • Modules are made up of closed orthotropic – rib bridge construction for heavy duty application.
  • Overload protection up to 150%.

Weigh Bridge Accessories

Load Cells

  • Shear Beam Load Cell or equivalent
  • Standard features

    • Alloy Steel, Nickel plated, welding – sealed
    • 4-wire shielded cable with 16-meter length
    • OIML, RoHS Certified
  • Compression (Column load cell) or equivalent
    Compression type load cell made up of alloy steel for a wide range of operating temperature.


  • 3590EXP: Weight indicator for Industrial Applications, in ABS IP65 and SS housing
    Comes with a 25-key alphanumeric keyboard with real time clock and permanent data storage
  • 3590EQ Series Display indicator with integrated QWERTY keypad
    Comes with a 59-key alphanumeric waterproof keyboard with 2 independent analogue channels for reading weights.
  • 3590ET Touch Screen Indicator or Equivalent
    Made up of multi-language software with QWERTY, AZERTY or QWERTZ keyboard options.